Home Staging That Looks Like the Magazines

Home Staging That Looks Like the Magazines

  • Cooper Mount
  • 02/26/23

Selling a luxury home is about more than the specs of the property. It’s about how it makes a buyer feel. You want to know how to make your market fall in love with your property and imbue them with a feeling of belonging in your home. It starts with the stage; set it right, and your house will sell faster with higher returns. Set it wrong, and you may lose out.

Looking through magazines of homes similar to yours, you know those pages can come to life in your space. You just need to figure out how to do it. Follow these steps with the right help, and your home will outpace the pages of the magazines. Make your home their inspiration.

Start with the cover

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First impressions set the tone of a relationship, even between buyer and home. Make sure your property has the curb appeal it needs to start the relationship with your market off right. Your driveway should be a part of the decor, an inviting pathway to your home. Consider how the color of the pavers works with your current landscaping design. If you don’t already have a landscape designer, hiring one to sculpt your garden now is crucial to the overall look. West Hollywood luxury homes must meet specific standards, and grounds without planning won’t make the cut.

Once buyers reach your entryway, flower beds, and planters with a carefully curated array of greenery, consider the lighting. Does it enhance the area? You can also update the door for a more luxurious experience. The entryway is also an opportunity to create another living space. Cozy chairs and a table enhance the experience of the area.

Know your market

In the hot West Hollywood real estate market, you must know to whom you’re selling. Depending on your home's size or luxury level and its architectural style, location, and interior spaces, you'll want to speak to different target audiences. Knowing who your property most appeals to allows you to focus on them and resonate with their interests.

A quality real estate agent will provide you with all the information you need about your market. They will research comparable properties in the area and the people buying them. You should get a breakdown of the demographics most likely to buy your home and how to best appeal to them. This is why working with an agent who knows West Hollywood is crucial. While demographic information comes from a lot of data, there’s no resource for tapping into a market better than an agent who already did it. Cooper Mount is an expert in the area who provides his exclusive list of clients with passion, direction, and unparalleled negotiating skills. He provides in-depth market research and fights for the best outcomes for his clients.

Don’t skip a room

Walking through a luxury home, it feels like you’ve stumbled behind the scenes when you come upon a room without staging. It’s crucial when creating an experience of elegance and refinement to provide a seamless experience for shoppers. Make the transition from one room to the next a journey into their future home. Take advantage of the opportunity to show prospective buyers the life they could live on this property.

When selling an estate valued near $40,000,000, buyers expect perfection. Buyers require more than a decorated kitchen, living room, dining room, and primary suite. They want to see your study, offices, theater, and kids’ and guest rooms as living spaces, not walls encapsulating infinite possibilities. There’s a balance your estate must reach to appeal but not overwhelm.

Maintain a blank canvas

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You can create carefully curated spaces throughout your home without putting too much personality into them. While your agent knows the market and what appeals to them, people remain individuals with specific tastes. You want to leave room for those tastes to unfold in your space.

When flipping through the pages of home design magazines, you may not realize they, too, leave space for your imagination. It’s well recognized in interior design and real estate; to entice buyers, you must leave a little to the imagination. So resist the instinct to overly decorate a space. Listen to your agent or designer, and allow for simplicity in the design. Make sure your property appeals to anyone looking for a West Hollywood luxury home.

Make your home a gallery

Work with local artists to lease their works and cover your walls in dynamic pieces without making major purchases for a property you’re selling. You’ll boost up local artists and help shoppers see the potential in your space. As you may realize, buying a new estate involves several moving pieces, and having the art for the property curated ahead of time can simplify things.

Revamp your furnishings

Furniture is the architect of a room; it determines the flow and function of a space. It also dates it. If your furnishings are luxurious and elegant, the pinnacle of refinement, but ten years old, they won’t impact a new look. Don’t devalue your estate with a dated setup. Update the space to highlight its grandeur. Your agent will help or recommend interior designers experienced in curating a space for buyers.

Make sure you pick an agent with the resources and knowledge to sell your home fast with the highest returns. Cooper Mount is the West Hollywood real estate agent with the local experience and in-depth understanding of the market you need to get the most out of your estate. Do everything right from the start with Cooper’s guidance. Take advantage of his extensive relationships with buyers, sellers, builders, and developers across LA and his passion for negotiating the best deal for his clients. You won’t be disappointed when Cooper makes the process seamless and straightforward for you.

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